India Trip — On the way

My eyes are burning and my mind longs for sleep–rest, actually just rest.  We’ve been going non-stop for over a month now…maybe longer.  I’m pretty sure I could sleep for 2 days straight.  The move is hectic and confusing (our standard shit) and I have hardly enjoyed finishing my degree after years of hard work and months of stress…now India.  Now time to slow down now, my flight leaves tomorrow.

Amsterdam is a great place for a layover.  The Dutch are so perfectly chill, the airport is clean, not crowded and the coffee is stout.  Perfect.  I have a comfortable 2 hour layover, just the perfect amount of time to find my gate and window shop.  Tulips and wooden shoes–what’s not to love?

I watched a documentary about the mysterious photographer Vivian Maier on the way to Amsterdam.  Very interesting but I almost wished I hadn’t learned about what an asshole she was to everyone.  Too bad she wasn’t just a reclusive talent…instead of an abusive nanny.  Her work is still spectacular and it made me long for a camera like hers (Rollieflex) so could more discreetly capture street scenes since you don’t have hold the camera up to your face.  If I had that camera now, I’d photograph the woman across from me now.  Her flesh colored socks are wedged between her toes in her black and gold flip flops.  It looks uncomfortable.  I’d also shoot the little boy wearing gold bracelets who is squirming in his mothers arms.  Just like all moms, she is trying to keep her crying baby happy with a variety of snacks–he is holding a small pretzel now.  Then, I’d love to capture the gorgeous, little girl, happily sitting on her mom’s lap.  She has huge chocolate eyes and the whites look extra white next to her caramel colored skin.  She is beautiful and reminds me of a tiny version of a good friend (which makes me like her more).  The woman with the flip flops just removed her shoes but the wedge remains…this makes me smile.

I hope I am able to capture everything I want on this trip to India.  It will mean getting out of my comfort zone a bit but that’s the whole purpose of this trip–to jump into a new career.  To be free and happy…to follow a desire and make it happen.

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