Open Your Eyes–There’s Beauty In Your Home

Here’s a great exercise that you can right in your own home…walk around the house with your camera of choice and photograph the little things you love seeing every day. Think about it, frame it in a thoughtful way and be happy that you captured something in your own home that brings a smile to your face. Another step is to print it out and write on the back, or in a scrap book. Maybe you photographed a piece of jewelry you inherited, a souvenir from a great vacation, a gift from someone who has passed, an instrument you’re learning to play, or some flowers that made you happy today. Enjoy the banality of life–it’s all good.

Frame from the old Sahara Casino, Las Vegas (which is now demolished)
roses on the mantle
African mask to ward off evil spirits (Congo & Angola origins)–a gift from his trip to Africa
her uke, my guitar, and the trees through the window

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