Being Creative When You Have Company

Fiona Art (You Tube)

I am a creature of routine. Like a toddler, I do best when I keep a regular schedule, eat healthy foods, exercise and have play time. When we have moved or taken vacations my routine gets messed up and I find it challenging to slip back into things easily. I begin to make excuses, blow off my workouts, eat junk, and put off my art time. I do the same when we have company–I love hosting friends and family but I let the “rules” slip. I drink more, eat more, workout less and rarely sneak away to do anything as self-indulgent as an art project. I’m trying to come up with other creative outlets while we have company…forcing myself to blog is helping. I decided to research a few videos on You Tube and plan some projects for the weekend. I subscribe to a few but recently came across this one, “Fiona Art” and really love her work. It’s worth a try and thinking about the project gets me excited and wanting to commit a couple hours to playing.

I can’t be alone here–do you ever take time for yourself when you have company? Any advice?

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