Art with a 12 year old gamer

Feels like yesterday when my daughter and I would color cute animals with crayons and colored pencils. Now, she games, a lot. Her game du jour is called “Hollow Night” and she loves the characters so her artistic outlet is to create new ones who would fit in the game. This one is called “Vine” but I told her it would be cooler to misspell it to “Vyne” because…you know.

My horoscope said to hang out with a kid tonight so I asked her if she wanted to paint with me (I really suck at her video game and neither of us felt like playing a game)…nope. She didn’t want to draw either but she suggested I draw one of her characters in “my style” (I don’t feel like I have a style). Well, ok…why not? That is good, quality family time, right?

So, here you have her (all her characters are female)–Vyne! (She approved although did critique her a bit.)

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