Avoid Click-Bait Temptation and Use Your Resources!

watercolor octopus

I’m often tempted to click on those persistent ads on FB when they pop up in my feed. One that I did click on recently is a watercolor subscription. They send you an adorable kit once/month for $35 that includes the image, the paint, brushes and a how-to video. So, I thought…hmmm…I could sign-up and review this on my blog and have some fun too. Then I realized, I have watercolor paint, brushes, graphite paper, mixed media paper and a whole bunch of google expertise! 🙂

So, I downloaded my favorite octopus tattoo picture, busted out my graphite paper and traced it to the mixed media paper.

Then, I watched the video on the website (you can view any of a thousand on youtube for free too) and painted my first octopus. Not too bad. I have some room to grow but I am digging it so far. I love water color because it doesn’t make a big mess, you use far less paint and it feels less toxic (I honestly don’t know).

Bottom line–check your inventory before you spend a bunch of money of more of what you probably already have in your garage! Happy painting!

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