Cards, Candy and Lotions OH MY!

October 28, 2002

What a great day for me!  I feel so fortunate today because I’ve been blessed with so many gifts.

  1. Received 2 beautiful emails from Shane to start my day.  He told me that our twin, 4 year old Russian neighbors told him that they say a prayer for me every morning, wow.
  2. Received adorable letter from Darian.  She drew a princess and colored her and it said, “To Ms. Kris I love you.  Love Darian”  awwwww
  3. Stephanie told me she got to talk to her boyfriend (Jake) and she told him how much she likes hanging out with me.  (in spite of me)  I told her I felt the same—she’s a sweetie.
  4. Received 3 boxes today!!
    1. My in-laws sent a BIG popcorn tin with cookies and candy.
    2. Mom sent a bag of Halloween candy and cute pumpkin napkins.
    3. Pam G. sent tons of fun dollar store stuff and some yummy Bath and Body Works lotions!  She wrapped everything individually so it was fun opening it all.  Wow.


Fast Forward:  In the 6+ months I was in Bosnia, I received more mail and care packages than anyone—ever.  The outpouring of love and support was overwhelming.  One of the best things about deploying is the opportunity to see all of your true friendships shine.  Amazing.  Also, Stephanie and Jake ended up getting married and living happily ever after…

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