The Year of the Fire Rooster?

What does it all mean?

After a quick google search, I learned that I am an “Earth Rooster” and that my fixed element is “metal” and this means I am courageous but judgmental, ambitious but cruel, and although I have high morals I am jaded…hmmm.  I also went down a feng shui rabbit hole and mentally redesigned my entire house so it is balanced and calm.  I’m sitting in my power spot now.

How much of this is b.s.?  It depends on what I choose to perceive as my reality, right?  Just like Santa–if you believe, he will exist.  I am choosing to believe that this is my year, I will use my courageous ambition to succeed.  When I told my husband, “this is the year of Kristin,” he attempted to articulate the exactness of my success–in what way (exactly) it will be the year of Kristin–but I stopped him.  “Do NOT try to put me in a box.  I am a broad brush, you can’t define my success in any way, shape or form.  I will achieve many things in many areas making up my wholeness.”  I smiled and he smiled back, knowing that he’ll never figure me out and content with this reality.

Is is a cop-out to be so vague?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Perhaps it’s my eternal optimism that will inspire my enthusiasm to work hard enough to make something wonderful happen.


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